FIAN Inc. is a Canadian family business that manages farmland and forest properties in Canada. Our clients are private investors and family offices wishing to

  • Acquire farmland and forests in Canada,
  • Engage with an on-site professional manager to establish, operate and administer their new and/or existing portfolio,
  • Diversify returns by developing new revenue streams.

Being farmers ourselves, we understand Agri-business from all angles:

We provide a complete turn-key solution for your new and existing Canadian portfolio. We

  • Accompany you during the acquisition process, from the identification of new investments to the completion of the transaction,
  • Run the Canadian operation and oversee the complete financial administration,
  • Manage professionally your property for years to come,
  • Establish a transparent and trusted relationship by providing regular reports and photographic documentation.

We operate in several provinces of the country, such as Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the Atlantic provinces. Our office is located south of Montreal permitting regular inspection trips across Canada with “boots on the ground“.


At FIAN, we believe in the long-term value of farmland & forest, and the continued appreciation of property over time.
Managing your portfolio “on the ground” ensures better and safer investments.


Our services include all aspects relating to new and existing farm properties, managing the properties to ensure sustainable farming practices and optimal returns.


We advise on identifying and managing new and existing forest properties to ensure sustainable forest exploitation practices and best returns.

In the News

Up, Up, Up – Canadian farmland values for 2023

Posted by admin on March 15th, 2024
Category: News

This week, the Farmland Credit Corporation (FCC), Canada’s leading financial institution in Canada for farms and agribusinesses, has published the farmland values for 2023. The average values for farmland across all provinces increased by 11.5 percent. This is slightly less than the 12.8 percent increase reported in 2022, but an excellent performance given the relatively […]

Farm values 2023 up again in South-Western Ontario

Posted by admin on February 14th, 2024
Category: News

According to a report by Valco Consultants published in February 2024, average land prices in South-Western Ontario increased 10.2% in 2023 in comparison with 2022. That brings the annualized compound return rate to 13% for the period between 2010 and 2023. Median land values in Southwestern Ontario stood at C$25,571 per acre (1 acre = […]

The landscape of foreign farmland investments in Canada

Posted by admin on February 13th, 2024
Category: News

Recent discussions in Canada about the ownership of agricultural land by large corporations illustrate the dilemma faced by young farmers who wish to acquire new land, as well as individual farmland investors who want to take advantage of rising values and returns of Canadian farmland. The following article presents an overview of the global development […]

FIAN Inc. is a Canadian family business that manages farmland and forest properties in Canada.

Our clients are private investors and family offices that wish to diversify and
develop new revenue streams

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