by admin March 15th, 2024

Up, Up, Up – Canadian farmland values for 2023

This week, the Farmland Credit Corporation (FCC), Canada’s leading financial institution in Canada for farms and agribusinesses, has published the farmland values for 2023. The average values for farmland across all provinces increased by 11.5 percent. This is slightly less than the 12.8 percent increase reported in 2022, but an excellent performance given the relatively […]

by admin February 14th, 2024

Farm values 2023 up again in South-Western Ontario

According to a report by Valco Consultants published in February 2024, average land prices in South-Western Ontario increased 10.2% in 2023 in comparison with 2022. That brings the annualized compound return rate to 13% for the period between 2010 and 2023. Median land values in Southwestern Ontario stood at C$25,571 per acre (1 acre = […]

by admin February 13th, 2024

The landscape of foreign farmland investments in Canada

Recent discussions in Canada about the ownership of agricultural land by large corporations illustrate the dilemma faced by young farmers who wish to acquire new land, as well as individual farmland investors who want to take advantage of rising values and returns of Canadian farmland. The following article presents an overview of the global development […]

by admin October 18th, 2023

Sustainable Farming in Canada: taking care of Mother Earth and generating carbon credits

The surface of Canadian agricultural land is vast, covering 39 million hectares or 4% of Canada’s land area, globally positioning Canada at rank 6th, behind other countries such as USA and India (158/156 M hectares) and Russia/China (122/120 M hectares) and Brazil (56 M hectares), but over three times the size than Germany with 12 […]

by admin April 5th, 2023

Canadian farmland values continued steady climb in 2022

According to the FCC Farmland Values Report 2022, the average value of cultivated Canadian farmland increased by 12.8% in 2022. This is the highest increase recorded since 2014 and follows consecutive gains of 8.3% in 2021 and 5.4% in 2020. Increases in Farmland Values differed widely by individual Canadian province. According to the FCC Historic […]

by admin March 23rd, 2023

Surprise increase in farmland prices

The article in Le Bulletin des Agriculteurs, published in early March 2023, covers the development of Canadian farmland prices, which again in 2022, as in previous years, showed surprising increases.  Indeed, the value of Canadian in Canada jumped again in 2022, increasing by almost 13%. This is the largest increase in land values since 2014. […]

by admin February 27th, 2023

2022 Farmland Values in Southwestern Ontario increased again

Average farmland prices increased another 25% in comparison with 2021. The first report for 2022 Canadian Farmland Values has been released this February by real-estate appraisal firm Valco Consultants providing an overview on the development in the Southwestern Ontario region. This region is known for its excellent soil and a large number of competent farmers […]

by admin November 28th, 2022

Sustainable farms and forests

With increased interest of consumers and companies to follow best environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices, Canadian farmers are responding by contributing to better food security and implementing actions to reduce climate change threats.  As a matter of fact, by applying sustainable farming practices, Canadian farmers can also improve their access to international food buyers […]

by admin May 24th, 2022

Spike in 2021 Farmland Values in South-Western Ontario

According to Farm Credit Canada (FCC), farmland values in Ontario increased overall by 22.2%, while the region South-Western Ontario performed even better: – Average 2020 to 2021 change in farmland values was 25.6% – Average Annual Change from 2010 to 2021 was 12.06%, and – South-West Ontario Median Land Value was C$ 17, 963. The […]

by admin March 31st, 2022

2021 Prices/Acre for farmland in Canada hit new highs

Overall Price-per-Acre values for Canadian farmland in 2021 hit new highs, increasing across the country in 2021, but  showing important differences in regard to province, region and county. The Historic FCC Farmland Values Report 1985-2021 provides in-depth information including prices per acre, starting from 1996 up to 2021. The prices are listed by provincial (sub)territory: […]

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