Farm Management

FIAN’s Farm Management services apply to new investments as well as existing properties that need optimization, improved financial control as well as introduction and valorization of sustainable farm practices.


We advise on all aspects of farm investments in Canada – due diligence for new and existing acquisitions, diversification strategy, optimization of crop and grain management, development of sustainability strategy.


We manage and oversee the entire asset acquisitions or divestiture process and deliver all-inclusive property management services overseeing operators and suppliers and providing comprehensive financial control.


With our local knowledge and network, we connect our clients with potential tenants and farm operators as well as business experts familiar in this field – be it notaries, lawyers, tax consultants or financial institutions.

Specific services for agricultural projects include:

  • Due diligence for existing and new farmland and forest portfolio in Canada
  • Strategy development and deployment for new farm investments in Canada
  • Develop sustainability strategy and introduce best sustainability practices
  • Farm management & supervision
  • Comprehensive project controlling (finance, accounting, operations)
  • Cash crop production consulting
  • Marketing & term contracts for soya, corn & other grains
  • Management & supervision for building construction
  • Ongoing AgTech surveillance.


“Food is the new oil, even if most of the world – including Canada – hasn’t realized it yet.” This provocative title of an article in the Financial Post describes the opportunities of farmland in Canada.

Apart from the potential of farming and developing vertical value chains of agri-food, the article pinpoints to another aspect of Canadian agriculture: sustainability.

Agriculture is responsible for about 10 per cent of global emissions, but Canada’s farmers and processors are greener than many of their peers, since they account for about eight per cent of Canadian emissions. That suggests they could be part of the solution to climate change, giving the industry a comparative advantage as the world’s biggest economies strive to meet net-zero goals.

Our Vision for Sustainability

Our vision for sustainability is reflected in the day-to-day operations of our farmers and foresters caring about a regenerative approach to farming & food as well as wild life & plants. Learn more about our engagement towards food security, carbon reduction and biodiversity here.


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