Hermann and Friederike Miehe, both trained farmers, begin working in Canadian agriculture


Founding of Ferme Ile Aux Noix Inc. (FIAN Inc.), specializing in cash crop farming (soy & grain corn)


Friederike and Hermann marry and have four children

Over the next 30 years, they focus on cash crop farming and raising their family; coaching of numerous international trainees, and organizing Agri Tours for German farmers through Eastern North America.

Since 2008

Increased focus on expert advice for Canadian and European client base

  • Farm & forest management & supervision
  • Capital investment & asset management
  • Cash crop production consulting
  • Timber harvest planning and supervision
  • Marketing & term contracts for soya, corn and timber
  • Management & supervision for forest road construction
  • Management & supervision for building construction
  • Special projects (such as turn-key cottage building) on clients’ request.

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