Investment in Farmland and Forests

Investment in farmland and forests

Since over 35 years, FIAN is helping mainly non-Canadian investors acquiring farmland and forests in Canada and manage their investments locally, with “boots on the ground”.

While Canadian residents and citizens can purchase farmland and forests without restrictions in most provinces, the rules for investments in Canadian land by foreign individuals and corporations vary from province to province, since regulation of land ownership falls under provincial regulation.

That’s why most of the properties that FIAN has helped acquiring are based in the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick as well as in Alberta and Saskatchewan allowing non-Canadian residents to purchase land.


Overview of Foreign Ownership Restrictions
in Canada

British Columbia No restriction on foreign ownership. Uses of land in the Agricultural Land Reserve are regulated by the Agricultural Land Commission.
Alberta Subject to certain exceptions for commercial ventures (including limited natural resource extraction or processing and residential development), non-residents and foreign-controlled corporations can own up to 20 acres of agricultural land.

Foreign Ownership of Land Regulations, Alta Reg 160/1979

Saskatchewan Non-residents and foreign entities can own up to 10 acres of Saskatchewan farm land. Entities that are partially foreign-owned but controlled by Saskatchewan residents or their farming corporations can own up to 320 acres.

The Saskatchewan Farm Security Act, SS 1988-89, c S-17.1, The Saskatchewan Farm Security Regulations, RRS c S-17.1 Reg 1

Manitoba Non-residents and foreign entities can own up to 40 acres of farm land.

The Farm Lands Ownership Act, CCSM c F-35

Ontario No restriction on foreign ownership. Uses of prime agricultural areas are regulated by planning authorities acting pursuant to the 2005 Provincial Policy Statement.

Non-residents and foreign-controlled entities must get permission to buy more than 4 hectares (or about 10 acres) of agricultural land from the Commission de la protection du territoire agricole du Québec.

An Act respecting the acquisition of farm land by non-residents, RSQ c A-4.1

Source:  Gowling WLG


In this context, FIAN has tuned its investment services specifically to non-Canadians to guide them through the process of acquiring land in Canada and then manage it. Here’s what we do:

Develop your investment strategy

  • Clarify your objectives in Canada,
  • Define the type of Canadian investment best fitted for your overall investment portfolio,
  • Identify the ideal province/region/community corresponding to your investment profile.

Identify an investment object

  • Screen opportunities for land and forest purchases in the selected geographic areas,
  • Identify insider deals,
  • Grasp the opportunity when land or forests come up for sale.

Evaluate an investment opportunity

  • Inspect property for quality of ground, possible improvements, potential returns, 
  • Obtain price comparables,
  • Contact our network for insider information about deal conditions.

Accompany you during the purchase process

Once we have a “go” from an investor, we execute the deal for our clients throughout the complete bidding & purchase process.

Overview of the purchasing process

The process of buying farmland and forests –
from object identification to deal closure


Once the purchasing process has been successfully completed, our Farm Management or Forest Management services ensure that your investment will be efficiently managed and achieves the targeted returns.

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