We Help You Manage and Optimize Your Properties

Our clients tell us that they appreciate our ability to carefully listen to their objectives first and identify their needs later. We have learned to do this through our life-long experience and hands-on knowledge in farming, forestry, and agricultural business, in Canada and around the world.

Therefore, we can confidently say that we qualify as seasoned managers. We have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to bring complex deals to a fortunate conclusion and to ensure best maintenance of this investment, so it will keep on giving.

Let Us Help You Manage your Farm- and Forest Investments in Canada


  • Develop customized strategy for new farm and forest acquisitions in Canada
  • Due diligence for existing and new farmland and forest portfolio in Canada. Land title & property tax verification
  • Incorporate Canadian banking & accounting practices. Apply Canadian tax regulations & succession rules
  • Optimize crop, grain & timber harvest management
  • Develop a sustainability strategy
  • Identify diversification opportunities and new revenue streams
    • Drinking water
    • Wind energy
    • Solar energy
    • Carbon credits

Operate & Manage

  • Identify acquisition objects and set the purchase project in motion
  • On-site inspection, mapping and scouting of potential acquisition projects via air and on foot
  • Comprehensive controlling with online access to all transactions:
    • Book-keeping and financial reports
    • Customized administrative support
    • Correspondence & photographic documentation
  • Manage the operations of properties:
    • Management of operators and suppliers
    • Regular inspections
    • Special projects
  • Introduce sustainable farm and forest practices
  • Feasibility studies & permit applications


  • Deal with Canadian/provincial/local authorities
  • Engage GIS specialists, drone & helicopter rides
  • Connect with business experts familiar with this agriculture and forestry at the specific location: notaries, lawyers, tax consultants, appraisers
  • Meet with forester, operational manager, farmer, tenant, contractor
  • Introduce to service and equipment suppliers
  • Partner with agronomists and AgTech experts and organisations such as chambers of commerce, associations and government bodies

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